Foil Arms and Hog Wiki

So, we have Foil and we have Arms, and just like the cherry on the top of the cake, we also have a Hog! Who is this cherry called Hog?

Hog, or Seán Flanagan, is the beautiful, curly-haired one. His infectious laughter explodes at the most amazing times, which can be seen in their YouTube outros, outtake videos, and in their live shows.

Flanagan earned the nickname 'Hog' because Foil and Arms noticed that Hog nearly always ended up with the best bits. He 'hogged' the limelight, taking the funniest characters or best lines for himself. And for those of us who have a soft spot for this member of the group, we are fine with it (see the entry "Hoggette" in the unofficial Foil Arms and Hog vocabulary here).

Hog has starred in many movies, not only when he was a kid but also as an adult.

Hog studied civil engineering at UCD (University College Dublin). During this time, he participated in UCD's DramSoc along with Foil and Arms. 

Hog plays a few of the FAHndom's favourite characters, Mrs Anne Flanagan and Michael the driving instructor, along with many many more.

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