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Not only is Foil better for the enviroment than clingfilm, Foil is also a great one to make you laugh. Let's find out more about this blonde ray of sunshine!

Seán Finegan goes by the stage name 'Foil' because he is the straight man, the comedic foil. He has taken on the weighty responsibility of being the adult in the group, even Arms and Hog are being quoted as saying on Twitter: "Correct, he's an adult. Every group needs one." Foil is usually the one that speaks to the press and he jokingly once said that he writes all the jokes too.

Foil studied Architecture in UCD, at the same time that Arms and Hog were there. Foil is the one in the group with 2 degrees. Arms once commented on a PUBG stream, mimicking the degree-awarding body , "oh you're finishing architecture, and also for the craic here is a science degree." It is definately not a sore point that Foil likes the fact he has two degrees and that he likes to say he has....

This man has many wonderful talents! He is able to not only balance a career in comedy, a personal life but also a busy Patreon inbox as well. Since starting up this fahntastic patreon page, Foil has been loyally answering messages that fahns send in, great or small. We love him ever the more for it! 

Foil plays the beloved characters Oisín , Dave and many others.

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