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Who is the man they call Arms?

The Battle of Arms (photoshopped by Heleendje)

Conor McKenna, is the Arms of the group. He is the tall one with the head of hair that causes the most intrigue and, at times, uproar. He has eyes like a stormy Irish sea on a winter's day, blue and sharp.

Arms got his nickname because he couldn't play the straight man. He made the straight man look like a buffoon. His arms were all over the place, always gesturing. "Like in the old schools plays from like the 14th century" he explained in an interview; "Greek mythology hands", Hog added. His arms were all over the place, all arms and legs, hence the name: Arms! 

Arms went to university at UCD  (University College Dublin), and studied genetics. Arms and Foil share the same birth day, 24th August. 

Fun FAHct:

  • Arms loves karaoke whereas Foil hates it!
  • Arms worked as a German teacher.

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Arms plays the ever popular character Evil Gran, Gerald ,Tiernan Callaghan, Barry and many many more! 

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